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Divine Feminine Retreat

Its Lady's Only - A Divine Feminine Women's Retreat

Women are powerful, wise, and incredibly intuitive. We feel empathy from the depth of our being and have a longing for connection like none other. We were made to feel, express, love, and radiate. These gifts allow us to see others, perform great acts of love, and step into our greatness through self-expression.

However, living in a dominated world, we somehow lost our way. We hide our feelings, out of fear of being “too much”. We gaslight our intuition because it doesn’t seem logical. Eventually, we become less of ourselves and more of who we think the world wants us to be. The secret is that our most powerful way of being in this world lies in who we were before the need for fixing, trying, and doing.

 Remembering who we are matters. It lies in giving ourselves permission to be authentic, honoring and expressing our feelings. It lies in our ability to love and Heal from within. Finally, it lies in how we connect to our bodies and the earth.

This is a circle for women. This is a circle for healing, laughing, walking into your radiance. This is a circle for rediscovering the Sacred Woman.

This Retreat is held in Sedona AZ. Lets get back to KNOWING YOU & Honoring you within again.

* Accept and love yourself the way you are (Perfect)

* Set yourself free from stress and self-doubt... 

* Gain confidence in being free of judgment.

* Let go of unnecessary blocks and tensions, that hold you from achieving your deepest desires.

* Get lighter physically and emotionally

* Slow down and enjoy your journey

* Sound Healing For Health and Wellness

* Hikes to off the beaten path less traveled.

* Crafting and Playing

* Vino & Painting

* Spiritual Growth

Explore and experience the power of Physical Body, Breath, Unity,

Sound and Personal Practices for Unity and empowerment.

Most Important *** LETS PLAY AGAIN!

Space is limited. Register Here -

Personal Investment - $1,100.00 includes Retreat Program and Stay.

After Registration Enrollment: You will received details of journey and a live call to meet your Host.

Contact Us: Stormy Lake - 321-443-5195 for Questions.

****Register Below****

Divine Feminine  - Women's Retreat

Sacred Women, connect with like-minded women, Receive Healing, Activate your true colors and Re-ignite your light & your flame within. A NON - Refundable Deposit of $500 holds your place and guarantee's your attendance Retreat Program and room. There is a Transaction fee added on 3.5% or You can avoid this with Venmo Direct.

VENMO - DEPOSIT OR IN FULL - @Stormy-Lake - This is your way to avoid service Fee of 3.5 %.

Sedona Divine Feminine Retreat Dates

          ​March 31st - April 4th 2022               

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Those Interested in going, we have a non refundable deposit policy.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: If we have to cancel the retreat due to restrictions into Arizona, we will reschedule the event or provide credit that can be used toward other Healing programs, courses, events or online services. Due to the high demand for reservations and costs associated with facilities and materials, there are no refunds, transfers or credits offered for Deposit. This is a firm policy. Payments are non-refundable. Space is limited.

If you are unable to attend after deposit conformation and have paid IN-FULL ONLY - 50% of the retreat program less the 500 deposit will be used or credited to in house workshops, healing, meditations or other service options..

The Venmo Option is Service Free Fee @Stormy-Lake

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