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What About Sedona.... Tell Me More!

2024 - 11th Annual Spiritual Retreat


For almost a decade now Sedona has been, a home away from home for me.

Every year I take a small

   Intimate tribe to walk joyfully into presence,

    peace, stillness and

    Divine Encounters, taking a turn and making a SHIFT into Transformation, and every year it gets better and better.


This place awakens our deepest inner chaos or shadows and in-turn encompasses our hearts with crazy love for Awakening our purpose.


This was my healing place of Divine Revelation and personal encounter of nothing less than perfect love 11 years ago

during my hardest trials of life.

This is what inspired me to share this path with others.

Native Healing Sweat Lodge
Spiritual Retreats Sedona

At the time, I lived only 4 hours away from this magical place and often made weekend trips for my soul healing purpose.  During this journey as Owner and

Practitioner of Divine Energy, I was called to lead others to the place of peace for their own personal transformation.


While living in Vegas I did just that. 

We are now over a decade of enlightenment.  

         We have had several 2, 3 & 4 time returns from our past Sedona tribe attendees.

It is my passion and purpose, Divine mission to drawl others near to the quest of Spirit though this journey. You will not be the same once you attend. 


This is how the Heartfelt Transformation started for me.

Over The Years Retreat Gallery

Sound Healing & Hiking
Spiritual Hikes Divine Energy Healing INC
Emotional Healing, Spiritual Balance, Personal Growth Retreat
Spiritual Retreat Cross Country
Stormy Lake Spiritual Healer & Retreat Advocate
Retreats, Divine Feminine, Sedona, North Carolina, Florida
Spiritual Retreats, Vortex Hikes, Divine Healing
Retreat Hikes, Spiritual Retreats, Sound on the Mountain

Retreat Living Accommodation Options

Returning to Our Favorite Place... 
Door 2 Spirit Retreat 

Click here to save your spot - Enter Details & Room Request. Single Couples or Shared Option.
We will contact Direct for next step after.

Kundalini Yoga


Wild Nature

Sedona Deposit Reserve your place.

10/31/24 - 11/4/24
Non- Refundable
$565.00 not including Service Charge.

Save Your place with Deposit. 

  Will this time be your time Elevate and Shine?

  • Full Retreat Program and Accommodation Package

  • Those joining with us this year will check in a day before retreat and check out the day after. 

  • Join Us: 3 days of Amazing Healing. 

  • The 12 spaces fill fast. So reserve ASAP and Book your Dare to Dream Call with Intake form.

  • I cant wait to meet you..


  • Welcome...... We Hope You Join IN on Our  Annual Spiritual Retreat of 2024

  • This offers a sacred place for all.


  • However it is first come first serve in order - as inquiring minds enroll.

  • Our Intake form is required to set up your interview - A Spiritual Dare to Dream Call.

  • The Intake form (Dare to Dream) helps us understand your vision and hope for healing, and allows us to explain our hope to you. 

  • Here we go over the touch down to take off details to make sure you are the right fit for this Spiritual Retreat.

  • To register for a guarantee of your placement for this Amazing Retreat after your Dare to Dream call, requires a full deposit or to be paid in full after your live call meet and greet registration, in order to hold your place.

  • The Deposit is NON Refundable. By reserving your space is a guarantee to hold your place in this retreat.

  • Space is limited and we only host up to 12 people for intimacy.    


  • This guarantees that your place will not be given away. No matter how many people inquire this is a guarantee aboard. 


  • Every year our group evolves, and transformation occurs on very deep and personal levels.

  • Hearts are renewed friendship is formed and love ❤️ abounds for all who attend.

  • Our Retreats are built on fellowship and unity, sacred prayer and and Divine Destiny.


  • Those who come forward leave with a full cup of unlimited resources and personal development.

  • We have so many very ready souls Interested and earnestly saying YES to take the

  • SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - A flight to personal awakening and unlimited joy.


  • For many of those who missed our 2023, don’t deny your hearts calling.

  • Reach for the stars and they will reach back. ⭐️💫✨


  • This 2024 takes a journey into the Elite of Retreats... and through the cosmos with teachings & healing.

  • So to those who are ready to activate your birth-rite of healing and call to action your destiny -

  • Join our trip into Divine Activation and be filled-UP!


  • All credit-card payments include a service fee if paying through PayPal. However there are other options listed for you and we will cover them on your live call.

  •  Keeping it SACRED is Stormy Lakes personal truth.

  • While many expand the group size, We remain in the universal agreement of keeping it intimate for your development. We know that personalized development and healing in fellowship is important, and this is why Door2Spirit of Divine Energy remains successful and healing is a promise ~ A personal guarantee!

  • Follow link to reserve and hold your place.

  • Full Retreat Rate includes your room and Retreat Program.

  • This includes one private room or shared with another.

  • These rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis. 


  • The deposit to stay in our retreat house is open now.. 

  • Deposit is a guarantee for your place in our Retreat Casa.

  • You may also ~ Contact Direct to Reserve Your Options.



  • AGAIN: This is a non refundable deposit towards total retreat price.

  • 4 Nights 3 Days of Transformation and Sacred Activation.

  • Some Common Questions & Answers.



  • 1. Does a deposit need to be submitted to reserve my spot?


  •  2. Does this include the retreat program? 

  • YES This includes all classes, private journeys, yoga, meditations, event program & Personal Healing Journey.

  • 3. When we fly out, do we try to fly out all together? If so, when does that normally happen?

  • As for flights, You are welcome to fly out whenever you like.

  • Booking your airline will be entirely up to you and done individually for each person attending.

  • I recommend booking a flight from Orlando to Phoenix direct. All of those flying in would need to rent a car or take the shuttle into Sedona Arizona. You can go on our list to have shared car options and I will connect you with other travels who are open to sharing car rental.

  • Sedona Arizona is two hours from Phoenix.

  • I always arrive a day or two early and stay a day or two after. Free Time is important.

  • This retreat is a very busy retreat, so additional downtime is always recommended if able.

  • Prior to flying out, after full payment is complete, 20 days prior to arrival you will have our entire itinerary retreat program retreat schedule.

  • 4. What is the best way to make payments if needed and keep record of that with you?

  • After initial deposit, you will be entered into automatic payments.

  • All payments being paid off 90 days before arrival.

  • I will personally keep a log regarding payment and provide receipts for all payments made.


  • Contact Direct for Questions @ 321-443-5195.


  • I’m so excited for the journey ~ can’t wait to make magic with you all!


  • Please contact me direct for details and all Inquiring Minds.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, after you have secured your deposit, please let us know asap. 

About Reserving You're Place...

The Deposit is non-refundable.

If paid in full a total of 50% is refundable up to 7 months prior to retreat program less service fee.

As we only have 12 spaces offered.

Cancelations made less than 5 months prior to program retreat date is forfeited and non-refundable.




Local Retreats Near You - Orlando Fl - Boone N.C., St.Pete Beach, Sedona A.Z.





Divine Retreats Cross Country - Sedona, Arizona USA

 Annual Spiritual Transformation Retreat:


  4 Nights and 3 full Days of NON-Stop Personal Awakenings.

A weekend of Authentic Healing created for you. 

Retreats, Spiritual Healing,

Come Heal With Us:) 

This is your guaranty your place is reserved for the 5th Annual Spiritual Retreat. We only allow a max of 10 people to join for the reason of personal time and sacred space in the healing process. Full payment is due 30 days prior to event.

Spiritual Retreat

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