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Serving Only Spirit Led Certification in the New-Age 

All Programs Based on 

The Supernatural ...


Principles of Healing ~ Certification Options ~ Enrollment Open. 

Scroll Below to Purchase Your C.P. Program. 

A Weekend Certification Program.

Our Courses Revolve All Year Round & Sometimes we offer 2 C.P. Courses a Month. Stay Posted on our calendar and Facebook. 

All Courses are offered also as a private courses by request.


Divine Energy Healing Inc, Chakra Healing Practitioner, Certification Courses

Holistic Energy Practitioner  

 Master Course in Chakra Health  

Accsess of Soul Healing & Spirit Clearing

2 days.

Class Course - $1055,00

2 Day Intensive

Includes 3 mentor session,

 30 min each.

Divine Energy Native American Drumming  Certification.

Spirit Medicine 

Shamanic Drum Journey

& Native Drumming Course


Open - Private teaching Also available. $575.00

Divine Energy Sound Healing  Certifications

On Body - Tibetan Bowl 

Sound Therapist 

Course Class is 2-Day Intensive $375.00

Booked By Appointment  if not Group 

Private Teaching Is Open Contact Direct.

Divine Energy Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing Practitioner

Level 1 - 2 -Days - $325.00 

offered as private and in group classes.

Divine Energy Sacred Geometry & Ancient grid - Certification Program

Sacred Geometry & Ancient Grid Practitioner Course - Includes Healing Crystal Kit & Grids.

 $525.00 - 

Cash Option $500.00

 Contact Direct. 

Divine Energy Angelic Therapist & Prayer Practitioner

Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner. Course.

$425 -  Intensive. 

Divine Energy EFT & EFM Certification.

Meditation & Mudra Practitioner.

 A Holistic Practitioner Program, designed to coach, privates and leading facilitator for group healing.

Utilizing Energy, meridians, zone tapping, Emotional Freedom points, to assist in 

Mindfulness & Meditation.

 2-day Intensive.

Certification -Course.$450.00 

 For Private Teaching call Direct. 

Divine Energy

Reiki Training 1 & 2 Certification Course 

2 Days $555.00

Class Date:

Also By Appointment 

Private Teachings as well

Open Now. Contact Direct.

Akashic Healing - Divine Energy

Akashic Records Reader & Prophetic Practitioner.

  Divine Intuitive Akashic Record Reader Certification - Regular price$620.00

 2 Day Intensive

Energy Healing Holistic Practitioner

Celestial Auric Healing 

Energy Medicine​ Therapist 

Holistic Practitioner. 

 1.5-day Intensive - $388.00 

Energy Healing Holistic Practitioner

Advanced Level  

Spiritual Healers & Energy Practitioners. 

Foundations Program 

Year 1 & 2

 Build your Career in Supernatural Healing. 

 Advanced Energy Practitioner. 

 1 & 2 Yr Certifications Programs. 

 Specializing in Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine. 


Certified Practitioner

Certified Crystal Bowl Practitioner & Sound Therapist

 Practitioner Program. 


Certification Practitioner Courses 

Compare our Certification Courses and find the best fit for you.

 Practitioner of Crystal & Gemstone Therapy


Advanced CP Course 


Crystal Health & Chakra Healing

Advanced Grids & Layouts

Certified CHP & Advanced CP Grids 

2 day CP Program

11-5 pm 

 Crystal Bowl Certification Program


C.P. Program

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Sound Healing CP Course. 


Bring Snacks and Water

Spiritual Healing - Crystalline Medicine -

Elements, Organs, and Natures Healing Power of Sound. 

Akashic Records Reader Certification


Akashic Certified Practitioner Program. 

Connecting to the Records

Sacred Prayers

 Intuitive Vs Akashic 

Karmic Cause

Certified Holistic
Energy Medicine Practitioner


 Intro Class,

 2 Full Days

Energy Clearing,

Spiritual and Prophetic Application,

Intuitive Training

Chakra Health & Soul Advocate.

 Course class in Spiritual Healing. 

So Much to Know

Emotional Freedom

Mind and Body Balance

Organ Systems & More.

Certification Practitioner Courses 

Compare our Certification Courses and find the best fit for you.

Reiki Practitioner 
Level 1 & 2 


Level 1 & 2

 CP Course 


Health & Healing

2 day CP Program

10:30-5:30 pm 

 Master Reiki Practitioner Level 3 
Certification Program


C.P. Program

Cash Option 325.00

Master Course

Reiki CP Course. 

Bring Snacks and Water

Celestial Auric Healing 
Energy Medicine​ Therapist & Holistic Practitioner.
2-day Intensive 
Regular Price 396.00
onsale below.


Aura Healing Celestial

 Certified Practitioner Program. 

Certified Spirit Medicine Body Drumming Therapist


2 full days

 Course class in Spirit Medicine Healing. 

Chakra Clearing 

Energy Balancing 

Emotional Freedom

Mind and Body Balance.

Ethic Code - Healing is meant to be Surface to SOUL!

Divine Energy believes in creating a door of healing by the application of applying forgiveness through balance into your energy body. This helps to promote space, a place that maybe, or has been, for some of you the deepest scars left unhealed. 

However, there is good news. You do not need to re-live them over and over, day in and day out repeating the cycle of life and personal traumas or illness on any level anymore.


A therapist would say let's talk about it, but as most of you know, speech doesn't promote healing, it's a temporary turn that allows you to vent and express on a surface level, never actually dropping into the problem or healing the wounded soul.

Often more than not, those loved ones have been left feeling angry and maybe a little bitter. Not a nice Energetic Balance to say the least.

Search no longer, we start the healing with little to no words and the transition can begin without reliving ANGER, Shame, or Guilt. Healing doesn’t come from your head by recalling trauma. Those deep felt memories or fears you feel doesn’t promote healing. The healing starts in the body, and then works its way to higher levels. This is what I have called (Surface to Soul), this would be the easiest way to explain the beginning of the energy transition from within your body. This work is a deeper level of healing and promotes change & wellness in your body’s system and peace is the result of a session.

*Mind - Body - Soul & Spirit*

We as humans, and on all levels, have faced struggle, and it's never fun.

But it is here and now your deepest Pain Ends and Healing from Surface to Soul Begins!

Everyone can be Healthy and Well from within, It starts here and NOW with the option to CHOOSE.

As a Certified Practitioner of Divine Energy, you will experience healing through every course personally, It is not just a training class but a place to be renewed whilst being trained. Ethically preparing you for the world and I personally aim and believe each soul is a wounded surviving warrior, and every soul needs to be renewed ~ As this Is your birth-rite. So before you ever work on a client I provide healing styles  and specialized custom teaching to assist you whilst in your training - Therefore aiming to help you to heal your own personal blockages, and be well on your healing path, long before you attempt to assist as an Energy Healer or Therapist and Practitioner as health advocate energetically or spiritually with others.

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