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 Your life path & healing road was never made to walk Alone! 

Let us help you to find your way home.

Are you looking to become an Energy Healer? Want to join a Retreat? 

Interested in local Workshops? Or do you need some 1 on 1 Healing... 

We have you covered. 

No matter what it is you need, please feel free and reach out to us, we are happy to assist and direct you in your healing journey. For your free consultation please fill out the form below and we will be happy to meet with you. If we do not offer it, whatever it is that you're in search of we will help you find the It you're looking for.

There is no mountain too tall to reach, it is in the asking we receive, so please ASK by all means. 

Contact Us..Leave Your Request in the Message Block.


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Healing Drawling

Please Contact us for any interest you have. 

If it is an inquiry forpersonal healingor questions regarding the hope of your health in holistic healing we are here to assist. 

For Personal Retreats  - This is our Specialty. 

We assist in many modalities through our privateHealing Circles, Spiritual Retreats, Holistic Mind & Body,

Mindful Meditations, Yoga, Breath Work, Body Reprogramming, Energy Mastery as well as strengthening the nervous system for optimal health and low stress in our events. Inquire within.

Regarding our workshops for the smaller groups, personal & private, or corporate events, we are happy to assist and hold retreats locally, and nationally. 

For Personal or Private Group Retreats Contact us Through Your Door 2 Spirit. or see our group events at

For Certification Programs - For you up and coming healers feel free to email or call us direct. 

Check the site out at and see our Certification in menu above..

Become a Certified Practitioner you can also message Here: 

We will contact you ASAP.

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