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Divine Energy Healing Inc

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Touching Lives & Transforming Souls

One Client at a time.

Recently we have been asked to create a Donation Page for our Local Business. More than once... ... we started to give thought,

how can we give back as a thank you!!

With deep prayer we have decided to move on and up by creating a platform to help those in need for emotional wellness and Spiritual Healing. We get calls and emails daily asking for healing and they have no funding. This IS Something we have done since 2019 without a moment of second guessing, and we have honored

as many as possible and able monthly.

With that reality, we have decided to offer this as a way to give back to our local community. From workshops in healing to wellness coaching and/or Spiritual Ministering, Live Healing's and (Private Prayer Circles) in addition to live house calls

for holistic health and wellness.

We now can offer those in need the applicable services that

support a personal hardship to strengthen the human spirit and regain hope in healing. This is a complete holistic, non invasive hands on application for personal wellness as needed.

These sessions help others to learn, adapt and grow into their born birth-rite for innate healing from a non invasive practice while they in-turn regain personal faith, physical strength and the hope in healing for everyday living with

Faith & Science that aims and brings tangable moment and personal peace. We were never called to walk this path alone.

From Our Heart to Yours THANK YOU!!

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