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Stormy Lake - Advanced C.P. - Accreditations

EEMCP- Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

Advanced Holistic Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Alchemist of Divinity,

Energy Medicine Mentor,

Spiritual Coach, Prophetic Teacher, Yoga Practitioner & The Educational Director at IIOSHEM.

Energy Medicine Practitioner EEMCP, Advanced Spiritual Healer, Certified Empath Practitioner, Sacred Geometry Practitioner, Level One KRI Certified Yoga Instructor of Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan ® Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner,

Crystal & Gemstone Practitioner, Creator & Master Teacher of

Spirit Medicine Sound Frequency & Sacred Alchemy ®

Certified Practitioner/Facilitator - Vibrational Gong Medicine, Crystal Bowl Frequency, Endocrine Healing, & Spirit Drumming & More.

Teacher/Certified Practitioner of Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls,

Energy Reflexology Practitioner, Reiki & Color Therapy Practitioner,

Healing & Deliverance Practitioner,

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministries. ACP level 1-5.

Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Meditation & Mudra Practitioner,

Advanced Crystal Elixer Practitioner. Advanced level 3 Akashic Records Reader Certified Practitioner, Advanced Akashic Records Reader of Mystery School,

Ancient Wisdom Healing Practitioner, Crystal Grid Practitioner,

Prophetic Intuitive, Akashic Healing Practitioner. Dream and Vision Interpreter,

Ordained Minister.

Founder & President of Door 2 Spirit & Door 2 Spirit Retreats.

Owner & Director of

The International Institute of Spiritual Healing & School of Energy Medicine.


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