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Private Sessions, Retreats, Workshops, Group Healing, Sound Circles & More

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Below You can read through a few of the details of our services to get a better understanding to each session offered in the case of you feeling uncertain and you are not sure what options to choose.

You can always contact us direct and we can walk you through the best option based on your personal needs and request.

Healing Services

See a list of services offered.

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Spiritual Clear

Spiritual Clear is a session to align ones spirit to their soul purpose.

This modality is used for Divine intervention to align the soul to their spiritual walk. As we often feel we walk on our path but really we are only walking parallel to our journey.

Removes Pain, Emotions, Awakens ones Spirit.. Transforms Lives.

Chakra Cleansing

This is a Soul Restoration to balance the energy centers in your body (and release blockages) by clearing the primary organs & chakras.

Benefits may be felt instantly or may take 24—72 hours to process this healing technique.

Energy Balance

Energy Balance: Increase your energy, strengthen the energetic field, and relieve stress by making space in the body’s energy system. Increased flow by moving and detoxifying the lymphatic system from beyond flesh (AURA) layers spaces, before they enter the body.

Mental Detox

Black Pearl: Harmonize the energy system of the hypothalamus (the brain’s brain) with a Neuro detox to calm the nervous system, release emotions and reprogram the brain to bring balance to the body, wonderful for depression or high-level stress.

Private Sound Session

Crystal Bowls

Crystal Bowl Healing used to promote healing to the endocrine system through sound, opening the vortexes of each organ helping to release blocks in the emotional body and energetic body while bridging balance and unity. Thus creating a higher awareness of Divine Frequency to our DNA and regulates at 428 MHz.

Hormone Balance

Harmonize YOUR Fire (Hormone Balance): Connect all organs balance the nervous system, calm and open energy flow. Harmonize body by reconnecting each organ back to home so everything works together as one and efficiently.

Very Powerful Session.

Menu Of Services

Welcome to Energy Healing & Spiritual Transformation.

Please find a list of offered sessions waiting for you below explaining the different types of services offered here at Divine Energy. 

For your convenience further along the page offers each session in detail with full description if uncertain on the type of session to choose from.

All Gift Cards: Include contact number when booking and your email:

Specialty Services - Mom & Daughter Join Together!

Akashic Reading With April Lake

3rd Generation in the Healing Arts as Seer,  Healer & Prophetic Intuitive. Special Rate for

Inquiring Minds!

60.00 Discount Special

           Advanced Prophetic Akashic Record Reading

Stormy Lake - All reading 45 minutes.


You can reserve your session here.

You may also call direct after registering and speak with us directly for scheduling.

Custom Sessions 

Other services: Include combining many healing tools doors ways to assist one in the path of enlightenment.

From Toning & Chanting to combining 528 frequency, Traditional Chinese Medicine through sound, Tibetan Bowls, Native American healing modalities. Always we give love and have love and the Sacred prayer song. 

Helpful for emotional & physical restoration.

We Also combine Meridian Healing with Crystal Bowls, this is cellular & vibrational sweeping utilizing meridians & vibrational sound.

for deep healing. 

Can't find what you want we will create a Custom Session for you.


1.5 hrs

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